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Welcome Blue Ghosts

         If you were a Blue Ghost and served in C Troop 7/17th Air Cavalry and F Troop 8th Cavalry during the Vietnam War, you have arrived home.
         This group site is meant to be a gathering place for all Blue Ghosts to share experiences, post messages, photographs and documents. You will be able to connect with other Blue Ghosts, find long lost friends and make new ones.

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From Cary Seibel, Feb 9, 2011

     Hi, Yesterday My Dad was playing around online land came across your video, "Vietnam F Troop 8th Cavalry Blue Ghost 1970" To his utter amazement, there he was in your video. His name is Bob (Robert) Brokenshire. He was the guy walking toward the camera with a towel on his waist. I don't hear much from him about Vietnam, so when he called and told me to check out the video, I was pretty surprised.Thank you so much for posting it. My brothers and sisters think it is pretty amazing to see it. Hope you are well and again thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day. Cary Seibel.

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Welcome Blue Ghosts
May 31, 2006- John Brown is compiling a list of Blue Ghosts who were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. A new page, Distinguished Flying Cross  is now available for that list.  If you would like to be listed or list someone else, post a message for John with the information.  If you would like to display your citation, attach it to your message and it will be linked to your name.  The narrative descriptions on the general orders for awards are valuable historical records and when viewed chronologically can provide an accurate time line of events. 

         August 28, 2006-  In response to e-mails that you have sent regarding this web site, you can only post or reply to messages if you are a member of this group and signed in.  If you are a member you will be automatically signed in when you view the home page.  All Blue Ghosts, family members, other Vietnam Veterans, 1/1 Cavalry, Americal Division and even Marines are welcome.  To become a member, click join now and tell us who you are.  If you have difficulty with the net password process, e-mail us and you will receive a pre-approved message.  There is not a  guest book on this web site.  The message boards are very interactive.  Once you are signed in you will have your own space to post photographs, documents and write as many messages as you want on any topic.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes because they can be corrected very easily.  This site works best with the Internet Explorer Browser with Sun Java and seems to not work well with Firefox or AOL Beta.  If you are having trouble posting photographs, let us know because there are several solutions that will work.
         I encourage you to join this group and any other Blue Ghosts group available.  There are links to all of the Blue Ghosts web sites in the links section.  Click on and visit them.  Each site is unique unto itself and portrays an important part of our history.

          May 31, 2007--The photos of C Troop 7/17th Cavalry from 1967-68 that were summarily deleted from the BlueGhost.com web site by that site's administrator in an apparent fit of rage, are in the Pictures section. The arrangement and captions are different and some names are missing. If you have names or information, please send along and we will post to the album.

        July 1, 2007--The 7/17th Cavalry reunion will be August 8-12 at Louisville and Fort Knox, KY.  You can make reservations at the 7/17th Cavalry Web Site C Troop was reactivated on April 17, 2006 and is now on duty at Fort Campbell, KY. 

        October 5, 2007--This month of October 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the deployment of C Troop 7/17th Cavalry to Vietnam.  At sunrise on October 5, 1967, the Blue Ghosts departed the Oakland, California ship terminal aboard the USNS  General Walker bound for Subic Bay in the Philippines and then on to Qui Nhon, Republic of Vietnam. 

          March 1, 2008--A reunion of the F Troop 8th Cavalry Vietnam Veterans Association will be held on April 3-6, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky.  The month of April is the 40th anniversary of the redesignation of C Troop 7/17th Cavalry to F Troop 8th Cavalry.

          March 31, 2008--Vietnam wall now searchable online.  The virtual version of the wall is now searchable at: http://go.footnote.com/thewall

           May 7, 2008--Reunions.  The 7/17 Air Cavalry Ruthless Riders will hold their annual reunion on August 13-17, 2008 in Nashville, Tenn.

           The F Troop 4th Cavalry Centaurs will reunite on June 26-29, 2008 at Fort Mitchell, Ky.  Like the F Troop Blue Ghosts, the F Troop Centaurs operated as a separate air cavalry troop and was one of the last American units to leave Vietnam.

           The 1958 Senior Class of Manila High School will hold it's 50th anniversary reunion on May 23, 2008 in Manila, Arkansas.

           July 4th 2008--Happy 4th of July.  The citation awarding Blue Ghosts the Presidential Unit Citation for operations in 1968 is availabe in PDF. All Blue Ghosts should read, it is interesting. The Presidential Unit Citation is the highest honor given to military units and is awarded for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy.

       July 4th 2008--The Department of the Army General Order awarding Blue Ghosts, Troop F, 8th Cavalry, the Valorous Unit Award for combat operations 24 August -25 September 1968 is displayed here in PDF.

       November 15, 2008~ The MSN Groups sites will be closing February 21, 2009. This Blue Ghost site will move to Multiply. Migration will begin in December and it will take a while for all files and photos to be transferred. Meanwhile, this site will remain in place until February or until the move is complete at which time information will be provided here on how to get into the new Blue Ghost group site.

        December 17, 2008 - Migration of this Group to Multiply began on December 14, 2008 and is in progress. Once the migration is complete, group members will receive an e-mail invitation for the new group and a notice with a link will be posted on this MSN site. Thus far the new site looks great with all of the photos having been transferred. There are many more tools to work with on the new site and it will be a definite upgrade with great potential. You will not have to be a member to see everything but members will have the capability to make their own customized web pages.

        January 2, 2009- Migration of this Group to Multiply is completed. It appears that all entries, photos and web pages were successfully transferred even though it is somewhat scattered. It will take a while to sort it all out. Meanwhile you are welcome to open an account and post whatever you like.

        March 27, 2009 ~The transition to Multiply is still in progress and constantly evolving. When MSN finally closed down for good in February, we lost a lot of files especially photographs on the custom web pages from the MSN site. However, most of those files and photos had been saved so it is now a matter of reorganizing. The jury is still out on this new site as at times it is a bit slow but has seemed to improve the past week or so. 

It is not necessary to be a group member to see most everything here and you can use the RSS feed  link to keep up with the latest postings. It is recommended that you become a member so that you can post photos and blog entries and see the other member’s  web pages.  According to Multiply, there is no storage limit on photos, files or videos. Attachments such as orders and other papers work best in PDF format.  There is a PDF writer available for that purpose

There were some questions and comments about ownership issues regarding photos. The terms and conditions were reviewed before transferring to this site and in a nutshell what they say is that you are the owner of all of the content that you post here and that you remain the owner. What you agree to is that you allow Multiply to display those items in the public domain. By posting your photos and articles here you do not convey any ownership to Multiply, you simply agree for those items to be seen in public, which is the purpose of the site. You are protected by copyright infringement laws for all the items, photos and articles, that you post. These terms are published and available to be read.

You are encouraged to use the video feature of the site. You can post ten minute clips and it is an excellent forum for letting everyone see what is going on at the reunion. Joe Brown did an excellent job last year shooting video at the reunion and two of his clips are posted on YouTube and have been imported to this site. Hopefully Joe will shoot video this year in Nashville and post here for all to see. Due to the economic situation and medical reasons there are many Blue Ghosts who simply cannot go to the reunion, therefore, video is a very useful medium for everyone.

         October 22, 2009~Attached below is a website grader report received today. We have been on Multiply for about ten months now and according to the report, we should make a few adjustments, at least that is what I get out of it. Read it and your suggestions for changes or improvements are welcome.

         October 28, 2009  As you may recall, the speaker at the reunion in Louisville in 2008, Dan Buckley, aka Blue Ghost Blue, gave recognition to what he termed , "the three major Blue Ghost Web Sites” and did not  acknowledge any other Blue Ghost Web site, including this site, as worth mention.
Of those three "major" sites named by Buckley, only one now survives.  The first web site, BLUEGHOST GREEN, was deactivated about a year ago when AOL pulled the plug on its Hometown web pages.  Yesterday, October, 27, 2009, GeoCities pulled the plug on its web sites and the second site mentioned by Buckley, BLUEGHOSTS, became history.
Also eliminated was another GeoCities web site, Blue Ghost 33, which was also not acknowledged. Therefore, according to Buckley’s proclamation, there is now only one “Major Blue Ghost web site” left unless those GeoCities sites reconstruct elsewhere. 

(Update-The pages of the BLUEGHOSTS site have been salvaged and preserved, however, it appears they cannot be edited although the guest book is active.) http://reocities.com/Pentagon/quarters/2349/

December 2, 2009 ~ This web site is experiencing difficulties in loading pictures, videos and file attachments and is operating very sluggish overall.  
According to the Multiply staff blog, this slow down is caused by the process of Multiply relocating their database and servers to a new location in Miami, Fl.  They have indicated that the files and photos that will not load will come back once they have completed their move in about two weeks.  

So, if you were wondering why some of the photos and file attachments will not appear or some of the videos will not play,  the problem should be solved shortly. The staff blog assures us that once they have finished with their upgrade, we will get back to normal and be even faster. We shall see!

February 2, 2010~Multiply advises that their move is completed and that all servers are now functional. All photos and files should now be visible. It is recommended that all users cleanse their browsers' cache.

April 1, 2011~Notice to all Blue Ghost lurkers. Due to the activity of hackers and trolls, effective immediately all new content on this site can only be viewed by members of the group. If you are a Blue Ghost and wish to see the posting on this site then you must join the group. Automatic approval will be forthcoming. 

August 12, 2012~This web site will be closing effective Dec 1, 2012.  All content will be preserved and migrated to another site. The domain, BlueGhosts.Net, was secured a while back and will eventually be the home of all the content that is presently on this group site. That site should be up and in a under construction mode before Dec 1 and a link will be posted here.

January 4, 2013~All of the content of this site has moved to  http://blueghostred.blogspot.com/  All photos, videos, and blogs were saved. Blogspot is a parking place until the domain site is built, that is, if I can get to it this year.

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Who is John Brown?

Note: July 4, 2008--John has disappeared. He does not respond to emails nor telephone calls. I fear he has become indisposed. He was last seen in the reunion videos holding a microphone and addressing the gathering. Perhaps someone should check on Brother John. He could have been arrested or fallen ill. Hope that he is ok!  John H. Brown (birds@epix.net);

July 16, 2008--Eureka!  Received an email from John in re the passing of Ron Nishita. John relates that "we are on it" as far as sending flowers for the funeral and memorial service. John is the newly elected president of the F Troop 8th Cavalry Vietnam Veterans Association and I am sure that he will do a good job. He has a lot of interest in the history of Blue Ghosts and the preservation of its legacy, something his predecessor seemed to be lacking. Perhaps he will post on the message board every once in a while and let us know what he is up to.

November 7, 2008--John has gone silent again as we have not heard from him since July 16, 2008 on the occasion of the death of Blue Ghost Ron Nishita. As president of the F Troop 8th Cavalry Association, we know that he is a very busy man, however, we wish that he would at least say hello once in a while. It would be entirely appropriate if he did so, after all, the last time I checked, this was indeed a Blue Ghost web site. Maybe in John’s view, there are some Blue Ghosts that are important and some that are not.

February 22, 2009~ Still no word form our sagacious F Troop 8th Cavalry Vietnam Veterans Association President, John Brown. He has been observed posting up a storm on  several other Blue Ghost web sites and even the 7/17th Cavalry site, but he avoids participation on this  site. Even though he lurks here often, Mr. Brown will not post reunion information nor any other news that he might have.  His favorite place to post seems to be a private forum on the PX web site in which one has to become a member to have access . In the opinion of this forum, Mr. Browns’ conduct of his office is totally unacceptable, unnecessary and in direct contravention to the by laws of the very association to which he is the president. We certainly do not need to be a secret society hiding in a private forum headed by a select few.  If Mr. Brown has some sort of problem or disorder perhaps he should seek treatment.  He is clearly straying across the line of accepted conduct.

Note: Update-It has come to light that Mr. Brown and Mr. Buckley have made financial contributions to the web site with the private forum, Blue Ghost.commercial, thus they both have a stake in the endeavors of that site.  This goes a long way in explaining their public comments and attitude in re Blue Ghost web sites. They both have less than an arms length interest in promoting one web site over another.  This type of bias indicates a less than legitimate intent to promote the legacy of the Blue Ghosts and runs counter to the stated purpose of the veterans association.

May 25, 2009 ~ Apparently Mr. Brown has completed his tenure as president of the F Troop 8th Cavalry Vietnam Veterans Association and rode off into the sunset. We still hope to hear from him some day and wish him well in his future endeavors. A new president, Richard Gustafson, has been elected and we wish Gus much success in the coming year. I am sure Gus will keep us fully informed on the association activities.

February 12, 2010~ Brian Stomps has supplied and posted considerable information about the upcoming reunion. Dick Crawley had send out an email with reunion information to the vast email list that he complied over the past ten years. He even included an attachment with the registration form. That email along with all the other information has been posted in several locations on this site, therefore, it appears that as usual, the fellows putting on the reunion are doing a very good job of getting the word out and that is a very good thing.

June 11, 2010~John Brown has reported that he has been diagnosed with a carotid aneurysm and will have to have surgery.  I contacted John and sent him best wishes to get well. He wrote back and indicated that he is very uncomfortable and stressed.  I went through the aneurysm  diagnosis a few years back and it is a serious situation. Over the past couple of years, I have written extensively about him in these pages and got on to him quite a bit about his activities and although it was mostly tongue in cheek, I intend to suspend that activity. John now needs our support and prayers to get through his ordeal and he certainly has mine.

December 8, 2010~John seems to have recovered fully. He has become super active on facebook with many comments, observations, weather reports and photos.

March 30, 2011~John reports on facebook that he now has Lyme Disease and is on drugs.

June 1, 2011~John has hid his facebook comments.

July 17, 2011~John submits the following report: "Nov 12, 2009 was the last day I actually reported to work at the post office. I used up my sick leave and what vacation I had left and retired on Sep 30th, 2010. Lyme Disease from Lyme tick, Black legged tick, Deer tick -- whatever name you use -- can radically change a person's life. The first Lyme tick this year was in March and had to be cut out by a doc. I've had three more since then, but could remove them myself. Until there's a cure ...."

July 29, 2011~ Post office is practically insolvent. It is reported that they have too many employees and cannot afford the pensions. Service in a post office is terrible, stand in line while the clerks just fiddle around.  Go to FEDEX and you will notice a tremendous difference.

January 8, 2012~It is reported that erelong, John will submit an update.